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GST Filing Services

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Most small business owners are responsible to collect and remit GST to the Canada Revenue Agency. For new business owners, the process can seem overwhelming. Country Acres Bookkeeping can help you understand GST requirements and procedures.

CRA and GST Requirements

Different size companies have different GST remittance requirements. Once the requirements for your company are determined, Country Acres Bookkeeping can ensure your GST remittances are submitted on time to avoid interest charges.

ITC’s and GST

Keeping accurate, up to date bookkeeping is important for GST filing. Not only do you require a record of the GST you have collected, you also need a record of your Input Tax Credits. Proper knowledge of allowable ITC’s and how to claim them on your GST remittance is a benefit to your business. You can depend on Country Acres Bookkeeping to keep your records up to date for GST remittances.

Filing GST

File your GST accurately and on time!

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